The Healthy Keto Plan: Get Healthy Lose Weight & Feel Great

Of all the changes we recommend to our customers, diet is easily the most common. Too many carbohydrates, too much sugar, not enough fresh vegetables, not enough water, can all lead to health problems. A good diet helps control blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and many other body problems.

There are many good diets that we have found over the years and The Healthy Keto Plan by Eric Berg is high on our list. The book is easy to read and follow.

The Healthy Keto Plan: Get Healthy Lose Weight & Feel Great

This book is NOT about losing weight to get healthy; it’s about getting healthy to lose weight.

Dr. Berg has updated his best-selling book, The New Body Type Guide into The Healthy Keto Plan. With new chapters on powerful new strategies, you’ll get the latest updates on what works. This easy-to-implement plan and a clearer method to tailor-make your eating to your body type!

The Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Plan teaches you how to eat, how to exercise and what nutrients to take – as well as anti-stress techniques to extract all your old body stress.

Dr. Berg guides you as to what “getting healthy” really means. Weight loss is just one of the many health factors. A healthy body also has tons of energy, high stress tolerance, and can sleep peacefully through the night and get out of bed refreshed. Healthy bodies can digest their food and feel satisfied without any cravings. A healthy body has flexible joints, relaxed muscles and no inflammation.

You do not need another fad diet with false promises of losing 15 pounds per week. However, you DO need an effective and proven plan that addresses the very core of your weight “symptom.” The truth is that you do not have a weight problem but a health deficiency! The Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto Plan will help you create amazing health so your body can let go of that extra weight in the healthiest way possible. This way your body will look beautiful as the weight comes off and stays off.

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