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Joint Pain


When joint pain hits, your body feels like it is being torn from limb to limb. It affects millions of people every single day and is tied to a variety of physical disorders. Joints are a type of tissue that connects your bones and helps enable body movements. Sometimes it might feel like your pain is coming from your bones or muscle, when actually it just may be the inflamed joints and surrounding tissue. Inflammation begins in the joint lining and then damages both cartilage and bone.

Joint pain is most likely to develop in one or more of the following areas, per the Arthritis Foundation:

  • The neck and top of the back/spine. Neck pains are commonly tied to poor posture, such as “forward head posture,” sleep related issues or stress.
  • The jaw (such as TMJ)
  • The knees 
  • The hips 
  • The low back, which is commonly related to pain of the Sacroiliac joint (SIJ). Studies have found that in about up to 77 percent of people who experience consistent back pain that cannot be contributed to another disorder, and in about 89 percent of pregnant women with back pain, inflammation of the SIJ is the root cause of symptoms. (3) The SIJ as a “load-transferring” mechanical junction located between the pelvis and the spine that can take the brunt of the upper body’s weight when someone has poor posture, or it can become aggravated due to childbirth or conditions like arthritis or an injury.
  • Back of the legs   
  • The shoulders (the ball and socket joints)
  • The wrists, hands & fingers, such as with carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • The ankles, feet, heels and toes, especially in runners who experience injuries or those who exercise with poor form

Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain is not fun no matter what the cause, and there are several including:

  • Oh boy, we had to say it OLD AGE: The collagen that builds cartilage in your joints degenerates as you get older, resulting in more aches and more pains. This one sucks for sure!
  • Arthritis is another biggie. This is due to the inflammation that is created by the disease.
  • Repetitive motion creates overuse: Athletes will experience this due to the pressure put on joints from repeating a motion or action repetitively. Even wearing the wrong or worn shoes can increase leg pain as an example.
  • Posture: Bad posture increases the likelihood of and can lead to joint pain.
  • Injuries: Enough said. It is important to get proper care including exercise to keep your body in good condition. Pressure is thereby put on the joints.
  • Inactivity: Today’s sedentary lifestyle does nothing for the joints. They stiffen and hurt from lack of use.
  • Autoimmune Disorder: These really cause havoc on the joints due to the increase of inflammation.
  • Believe it or not a lack of sleep or sleep apnea can cause fatigue, achiness and stiffness.


Here are some natural remedies for bone and joint pain:

1. Epsom Salt Bath: Ahhhh, the wonders of Epsom salt, truly a relaxing experience! Epsom salts have magnesium and sulfates and are readily absorbed into the body providing rapid relief as they simultaneously reduce and lower inflammation, muscle spasms and just overall relax your body. Two cups of Epsom Salts added to a warm bath will do the trick.

2. Hot and Cold Packs: Rest the hurting area and apply heat and cold in succession for quick joint pain relief. Keep the area elevated and apply a hot therapeutic gel pack followed by an ice pack for twenty minutes each.

3. Peppermint/Menthol/Eucalyptus: Applying these essential oils help reduce inflammation and swelling.

4. Bodies in Motion: Sometimes getting up off your butt is just the trick. Inactivity means stiff muscles and can really put a hurt on a body. Stretching and doable exercise will help relax and strengthen muscles while improving circulation.

5. Chuck Off Some Poundage: Let’s face it carrying all that extra weight does nothing for the joints. Time to eat right and get fit. You might be surprised at how your body responds!

6. It’s All About the Diet: Diet is not just about weight-loss. Diet is about eating the right foods that help your body function at its optimum best. There are many foods that can help chronic inflammation such as cold-water fish, chia seeds and walnuts. Fresh fruit and veggies have antioxidants. Cut back on process foods and sugars – they cause inflammation!

7. Supplements: Check out these supplements that help support your health:

Cold Water Fish Oil: There are numerous health benefits to taking fish oil that have been proven, almost conclusively, through studies, trials and experiments by scientists, doctors and educational facilities. Fish Oil nutritionally supports: normal Joint functions without pain or stiffness.

Joint & Inflammation Support Formula: contains vitamins, botanical extracts, enzymes and fatty acids that have been found to support the body’s natural inflammation response in the joints and other areas of the body.

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