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Blood Sugar Levels

The problem:

Though seemingly opposite problems, diabetes, and hypoglycemia go hand-in-hand. Type II diabetes is caused by insulin resistance when your body doesn’t use the insulin the way it should. Hypoglycemia is too much insulin in the bloodstream. Hypoglycemia can be caused by too much diabetes medication in the bloodstream. And if you have hypoglycemia, it can eventually lead to diabetes if left unmanaged.

Eating a balanced diet which is low in sugar, as well as maintaining a healthy weight, are key to the prevention of hypoglycemia and type II diabetes. But even with proper diet, a person can still develop an insulin-related disease.

The solution:

There is something called the glycemic index which tells you which foods cause spikes in blood sugar. Those foods which cause spikes are called high glycemic, while foods which don’t create these spikes are called low glycemic. It is best to eat foods which are low glycemic, but there is more you can do to help protect yourself.

There are certain key nutrients and food supplements which are known to help the body maintain proper blood sugar levels. Some of these nutrients are a specific form of chromium, magnesium, and zinc. Through extensive research, we have formulated a product which contains key ingredients to help you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels to prevent lows and help the body recover from highs.

Note: Diabetes in pets

Diabetes in pets is on the rise and obesity and the quality of diet has a great deal to do with it. Taking precautions like checking your pet’s treats for hidden sugars such as vegetable glycerin, honey and molasses can help, but we have developed a formula just for your pets to give them the extra support they may need.




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