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RHP® Referral Program Rules & Guidelines

The RHP Referral Program allows existing customers to save on their future orders by telling their friends and family about our products.


Referrer – An already existing customer who is telling his friends and family about RHP and our products. This is the customer who receives the reward on his next order.

Referred Customer – The new customer brought in by a Referrer.

The Referral Support Specialist

The Referral Support Specialist helps Referrers and ensures that Referrer rewards are sent out and received by the Referrer. He will also provide information material that Referrers can use to give to friends or family that describe our products and what they are for.

Any questions that a Referrer has about one of his Referred Customers or reward coupons should be directed to the Referral Support Specialist who will answer any questions the Referrer has and provide any information the Referrer might need.

The Reward

The reward for bringing in a new person that has never ordered before, who then orders for the first time from RHP is 10% off the Referrer’s next order of up to 6 bottles.

This includes any combination of products up to 6 bottles. The discount may not be applied to any order larger than 6 bottles.

This discount is on top of any other discount being applied to his order, except for Reseller orders.

The Referral discount may not be applied to an order that is receiving a reseller discount. However, a reseller may get the referral discount on orders that he is not getting the reseller discount on.

Claiming the Reward

It will generally be the responsibility of the Referrer to make sure we know that he referred someone to us, as there is no way for us to know a customer was referred unless he or the Referrer informs us.

There are 3 basic ways for the reward to be claimed by a particular Referrer:

1. The Referrer sends in the name and contact data of a Referred Customer that he believes is going to purchase soon. The Referral Support Specialist creates a record for this potential customer. When the Referred Customer purchases, the Referrer is eligible for the reward on his next order.

2. If the Referred Customer orders online, the website will ask him how he found out about us. The Referred Customer will enter the Referrer’s name which will come in with the order and the Referral Support Specialist will be notified that the listed Referrer is eligible for the reward.

3. If a new customer calls in by phone, the Product consultant will ask how the customer found out about us. The Product Consultant gets the name of the Referrer and gives it to the Referral Support Specialist to issue the reward.

Receiving the Coupon

When a Referred Customer, who has never ordered from us before, successfully orders from Real Health Products, a 10% discount coupon will be issued to the appropriate Referrer.

Depending on the Referrer’s preference, this coupon can be sent by e-mail or by mail.

If no preference is listed, the coupon will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file. If we have no e-mail address on file, then the coupon will be sent by mail.

How to Use the Coupon

Each coupon will have a unique Coupon Code number printed on it. To use the coupon, simply call in or e-mail us to place your order (or in the case of an Autoship Customer, call in or e-mail before the date of your next order) and give the Coupon Code number to your Product Consultant (or the Autoship Customer Service Representative).

Your Coupon Code number will be validated, and if valid and not already used, the discount will be applied to your order.

Each individual coupon may only be used on an individual order of up to 6 bottles. It may not be applied to multiple orders.

Currently, the coupons can only be redeemed by phone or e-mail. They cannot be used when you order on our website at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the coupon have an expiration date?

No. It will never expire.

I never got my coupon. What do I do?

E-mail or call the Referral Support Specialist who can send you another copy of the coupon.

What happens if I lose my coupon?

E-mail or call the Referral Support Specialist who can send you another copy of the coupon.

Where should my Referred Customer go to contact Real Health Products?

You can send him or her to our website:, or your Referred Customer can call us at (888) 580-9390 or (818) 241-9080.

If I am a Referrer, who do I talk to about my own vitamins and orders from Real Health Products?

You will continue to speak with your Wellness Consultant regarding your own orders, and they will continue to assist you with any help you need in taking them.

If one of my Referred Customer’s calls in to order, who should they speak to?

Your Referred Customers should call in and speak to one of our Product Consultants, who will place their order and instruct them on how to use the product. The Product Consultant will be sure to notify the Referral Support Specialist that your Referred Customer ordered, so you can get your reward.

What should I do if I suspect one of my Referred Customers ordered from Real Health Products but I haven’t received my coupon?

Call or E-mail us with the name of the person you referred and we will check if that person has ordered from us and if it was a valid referral per these guidelines. It is likely that your Referred Customer simply forgot to mention that he or she was referred, which is no problem at all to resolve.

If I have multiple coupons, can I apply them to one order for a larger discount?

Only one coupon may be used for one individual order.

Disputes and Recourse

The Referral Support Specialist will handle any disputes that may occur on the RHP Referral Program.

If a Referrer feels he should have received a reward, but it wasn’t given to him, he should notify the Referral Support Specialist who will ensure any properly earned rewards are given out as long as they adhere to these guidelines.

In the case of a dispute between two Referrers, the Referral Support Specialist will determine which Referrer gets the reward. This decision is final.

For example, if 2 people refer the same person, who then orders, the Referral Support Specialist will get all the data from each Referrer and ensure the correct person receives the reward.

Further Questions or Assistance

If you need anything else regarding our Referral Program, feel free to call or e-mail us at and the Referral Support Specialist will assist you.

Phone: (888) 580-9390  or  (818) 241-9080  ~~~  Email:

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