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Adrenal Fatigue, Symptoms & Solutions

woman exercising - adrenal healthThe problem:

Much has been written about adrenal glands and the effects they cause on our bodies. But not many really understand what adrenal glands actually do. Our adrenal glands produce hormones. What are hormones? Well that is a good question. Consider hormones to be the messengers for the body. Adrenals release different hormones such as adrenaline which helps give us short bursts of energy and helps us deal with stressful situations; hydrocortisone, also known as cortisol, which controls the body’s use of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; and aldosterone which inhibits the level of sodium excreted into the urine, maintaining blood volume and blood pressure. The hormones the adrenal glands produce also help prevent severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Obviously, adrenal glands play a very important part in maintaining a healthy body.

When our body experiences too many environmental and emotional stressors, the adrenals can become exhausted leaving us with a low energy levels, weight issues and hormone imbalances. Proper nutrition can help our bodies recover from adrenal exhaustion.

The solution:

The nutrients your adrenals need for proper function are potassium, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B 6, zinc, and magnesium.  Trace minerals are also key in the proper function of all of the glands in your body.  You can get these nutrients either through food, or by supplementing.

Products related to adrenal functionality:

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