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The Insulin-Resistance Diet

A complex relationship exists between food, blood sugar, insulin and fat. Insulin helps the body transform food into energy and regulate blood sugar levels.

When you eat carbohydrates, the body breaks them down into sugar (glucose) to be used as energy. If you have more glucose than your body needs, it will respond by producing more insulin to stabilize your blood sugar level, storing the excess glucose as fat. This means weight gain. For people with Insulin Resistance the process is accelerated making weight loss very difficult.

This book explains why it is so difficult for some people to lose weight and what they can do about it.

If you have tried and failed with multiple diets, than you may be one of the high percentage of overweight people who have insulin resistance. If so, this is the book for you.

The Insulin-Resistance Diet

Conquer insulin resistance. Reduce cravings. Eat your favorite foods. And lose weight!

If you have tried every diet and are still struggling with your weight, the real culprit may be insulin resistance. When you have more glucose than your body needs, your body responds by producing more insulin to stabilize your blood sugar level and store the excess glucose as fat. In The Insulin-Resistance Diet, Cheryle R. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman show you how to control insulin resistance and lose weight without sacrificing all of your favorite foods.

Overcome insulin resistance and lose weight with:

  • The exclusive Link-and-Balance Eating Method, which balances carbs with the right amount of protein at the right time for maximum weight loss.
  • Self-tests to determine your insulin resistance and check your progress with linking and balancing.
  • Real-world strategies for eating at home and out on the town.
  • Easy-to-make, tasty recipes and livable meal plans.

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