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First, what is this Paleo Diet?

“Paleo” stands for “Paleolithic,” referring to the time in human development up until 10,000 years ago or so. Diets were simpler and only contained what could be obtained from nature and animals.

At this time, long before WalMart, fast food and even agriculture as we know it today, diets were rich in plant fibers and animal proteins, with very little grains, and no dairy or processed anything.

Without needing to address the pros and cons of another diet, here are the benefits of the Paleo “Philosophy”:

• Reduce carbs, especially from dairy, refined grains and sugars.
• Eliminate processed foods.
• More varied diet of healthy foods, improving healthy gut bacteria and filling daily recommendations of vitamins and minerals.
• Supplement foods not typical of a fast-food, western diet: honey instead of sugar, plant fibers instead of grains, more healthy fats and omegas and fewer trans fats and vegetable oils.
• Improve exercise.

Following these basic elements, avoiding processed foods and supplementing carbs with healthier alternatives, one can improve their health.

Unlike most fad diets, this doesn’t require strict exercise, drugs or cutting food intake, simply a shift in thinking about the food one eats.