Lighter Side of Health Issue 13

Dec 29, 2018 | Health Information, Videos

Each issue we will treat you with some funny videos about health and a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we take ourselves much too seriously, don’t you think? You may find some of these videos a bit corny, but they are all in good fun, selected just for you and your lighter side. Take a moment, relax and enjoy!

The Food Chain: Funny Comedy About Food and Diet

Funny short film about what you eat and what’s eating you. The food chain- don’t get caught in it. You know how people are always telling you what’s good for you? It’s funny how people try to push their beliefs on other people.

Pizza Farm

This satirical video features “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman, who offers a tour of his “Pizza Farm,” where “healthy” snacks like taquitos and fish fingers are “grown”.

Film/TV production company Funny or Die has produced a satirical video in partnership with the American Heart Association in answer to the ongoing debate in Congress on healthy school meals.