Let’s Talk about Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Jan 19, 2019 | Health Information, Natural Remedies

Insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness or the inability to sleep. There is no question that there are times when you have trouble falling asleep or getting a good night’s sleep every once in a while. However, insomnia is an entirely different ball of wax. It is an ongoing/chronic problem.
You get very familiar with the ceiling in your bedroom – not fun. Insomnia literally disrupts your sleep patterns and you toss and turn, and toss and turn, and… well you get the idea.
Insomnia causes what is commonly called sleep deprivation and as a result you are sluggish during day. Insomnia itself can cause physical and mental problems. People can attribute feeling moody, lack of energy and poor concentration, all to insomnia.
There are many alternative therapy solutions to insomnia ranging from diet and exercise, to lifestyle changes like transformations in relationships or employment. Here are some suggestions and ideas to help induce a more restful sleep.
  • Bedtime Routine: warm bath or shower, take a walk before going to bed. You would be surprised at just how effective a nighttime walk can be.
  • Schedule: Go to bed at the same time and set your alarm to wake up at the same time every day and yes, even on weekends.
  • Exercise: People actually sleep better if they are physically active during the day. Expending energy really helps the sleep cycle.
  • Caffeine: Cut back on the coffee and tea and go for decaf. There are some good decaffeinated beverages out there. Find a talented roaster!
  • Eating: Knock off eating large meals late in the night or evening.
  • Obsessing: Worrying about sleeping will make for more sleeping problems. Relax!
  • Outside: It is a good idea to spend some time out of doors and soak up some sunshine and weather. It is good to breathe fresh air. Take a hike!
  • Devices: Give yourself a break and put away the smart phone and tablet way before hitting the sack. It will not only give your eyes a break but your mind as well.
  • Supplements: There are many fine supplements to help you find a more relaxing sleep. Our Sleep Support Formula combines and uses multiple different nutritional approaches that will help your body maintain a regular sleep cycle. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and two vital botanical extracts shown to safely contribute to helping you relax, allowing for a more natural deep sleep.
Remember sleep is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and happy!