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Vitamin C and Healing

May 5, 2015 | Health Information, Health Products, Vitamins

Vitamin C has long been known as a necessary ingredient for strong immunity, going back to the days of preventing and treating scurvy in ocean-going vessels. Its lesser known, but just as important use is in aiding in speedy healing.

The idea of using Vitamin C to treat wounds was studied first in 1937 by two surgeons from Harvard Medical School when they experimented on guinea pigs.

Many further studies throughout the years have also shown that taking high doses Vitamin C when recovering from injuries had curative effects, leading to reduced infection and improving healing rates.

Vitamin C is best obtained from diet, but when one is recovering from an injury, diet or mobility restrictions may limit sufficient intake or fresh options. A viable option is to take Vitamin C supplements that provide the balance where one may be otherwise deficient.

The US National Institute of Health recommends between 40-90mg of Vitamin C per day, depending on age. This is a minimum, and any excess will be absorbed or flushed out of the body. To see an appreciable difference in the healing properties of Vitamin C, anywhere from 500mg to 3g can be used.

As one takes more vitamin C above 1 gram, specifically synthetic ascorbic acid, absorption can fall to less than half. Therefore, it is important to ensure not only larger doses, but higher quality supplements are used.

Next time you are recovering from an injury, even a simple cut, ensure to add Vitamin C to your regimen to boost your healing rate and effectiveness.




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