The Food Allergy Book

The Food Allergy Book

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Peanuts, citrus, MSG, sugar and more… food allergies can effect anyone. But something can be done about it.

This book focuses on what food allergies are, the most common foods which people are allergic to and how to get them out of your diet.

It also gives advice on what to watch out for when dining out, even at fast food restaurants, and when shopping at the grocery store.

This information is important for anyone who suspects they may have a sensitivity to a food and needs to find out which food they are allergic to.

The Food Allergy Book

The Food Allergy Book explains:

  • how to determine allergies to specific foods;
  • offers tips on shopping, snacking, and eating in restaurants;
  • includes recipes and nutrition advice.

Dr. Walsh is a consulting allergist with over twenty years experience in diagnosing and treating food allergies.


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