We Are Ingredients Driven!

Jan 19, 2019 | Newsletter

What does it mean when we say we are ingredients driven?

As a company, it is our mission to provide you with the finest supplements, derived from natural sources to give you the best range of nutritional supplements and products we can offer. Great care is put into the kinds and types of raw ingredients used in our supplements. You could say we are passionate people, passionate about helping people live healthier lives.

We very much believe in the body’s ability to restore itself with proper care, nutrition and nourishment. So we created and continue to create a line of vitamin supplements designed to improve your health naturally. We have helped thousands with everything from pain relief, nerve health, joint support, healthy cholesterol and so much more.

Our Calcium & Magnesium contains unique forms of plant-sourced calcium and magnesium from Iceland. Unlike most calcium & magnesium supplements, RHP Calcium and Magnesium draws its calcium and magnesium from marine vegetation rather than ground up rocks which most traditional calcium supplements come from and are much less bioavailable.

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil comes from wild caught, cold water fish rather than low-quality warm water fish.

We source our Vitamin C from Camu Camu berries that come from Brazil and are known for their high bioflavonoid content and antioxidant power. It one of the highest known sources of natural vitamin C!

As you can see, great care is taken when selecting out the ingredients for each of our supplements and each product is carefully researched and developed to the highest standards.