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There is a huge difference between real Vitamin C and ascorbic acid. The more ascorbic acid you take the less your body absorbs. An intake of less than 20 mg has a 98% absorption rate. By the time you take 1000 mg to 1500 mg, the absorption has dropped to 50%. In amounts over 12 grams, the absorption of ascorbic acid drops to only 16%.

In contrast, our Foodform Vitamin C contains no ascorbic acid and the body knows how to absorb and use it.

In fact, comparison studies showed that after 12 hours there remained 25 times more Foodform Vitamin C in the blood stream than ascorbic acid.

Three Foodform Vitamin C tablets contain almost as much vitamin C as a half-gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice!

The problem for people who want real vitamin C is that, glass for glass, orange juice contains more sugar than Coca-Cola!

Foodform Vitamin C is now available through our site by clicking here.