Product Spotlight: Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream

Aug 27, 2018 | Health Products, Natural Remedies, Pain Relief

Feel Better Naturally – Natural Pain Relief Cream

We all have those moments when we can use some soothing comfort for pain. You know those stressful days that aren’t helped by daily aches and pains. We have the perfect solution! Our Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream is now available on in our shop!

Comfort in a Jar!

Pain Relief CreamOur Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream is what it is called, but you can call it Comfort in A Jar. Just open, and apply for rapid, yet gentle soothing pain relief.

Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream is nature’s answer to pain relief. It is gentle and safe, and you will experience immediate relief from your aches and pains without taking habit-forming painkillers or medications.

The secret to our cream is one of the key ingredients — Arnica montana. It works great at reducing or getting rid of muscle, joint, back, head and neck pain. This includes pain from arthritis, minor injuries, overexertion and much more. Our Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream is also effective for handling nerve pain.

Check out these RHP® Pain Relief Cream Ingredients:

  • Menthol: Provides Deep Soothing Relief from Pain, Cools Skin, Local Analgesic
  • Arnica Montana Extract: Increases Circulation, Speeds Recovery
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Promotes Normal Nerve Function
  • MSM: Supports Healthy Connective Tissues
  • Ilex Leaf extract: Natural Caffeine That Increases Circulation, Skin Conditioner
  • Tea Tree Oil: Penetrates Skin, Accelerates Healing
  • Vitamin E: Enhances Blood Circulation, Skin Hydrating
  • Aloe: Softens and Hydrates Skin

People with chronic pain are often prescribed painkillers or over-the-counter pain medication in order to dull or numb the body. However, as a wellness company, our mission is to use natural means for our pain solution.

This precise formulation provides you with a chance to live healthier lives knowing, that relief is just around the corner. These ingredients are safe, effective and natural.

If you are suffering from joint soreness and stiffness, sore muscles, aches and pains then our non-greasy, rapid absorption, Advanced Natural Pain Relief cream should be just right for you!