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Nov 12, 2014 | Health Products, Real Health Successes

Many vitamins and minerals directly influence how the nervous system functions and the health of your nerves.

Getting additional vitamins and minerals is essential. There are, however, significant differences in the quality and efficiency of different supplements.


The Life Support Formula contains Foodform® Vitamins and Minerals that are much better absorbed, utilized and retained by the body because they are a whole food.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about using the Life Support Formula:

“7 years ago, because I had a surgery and a portion of my stomach taken out (the part which produced the gastric acids used to break down food), absorbing nutrients is and was extremely difficult for my body.

“I had tried other vitamins and was having some pretty extreme problems with my fingernails. After taking your Life Support supplement, my nails grew in as strong as they should be. That was my guide for telling me your products work. My blood tests also come back showing good levels of needed nutrients as well. So thank you.

“I find the staff at your company to be extremely helpful. You are extremely easy and understanding, it is a real pleasure to do business with a company such as yours.”

From Theresa C. in Arizona

The Life Support Formula contains 100 percent Foodform® Vitamins and Minerals which function as whole foods that the body recognizes and accepts.

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