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Feline Nutrition

Cats are carnivores! In the wild and in zoos they eat raw meat. Their food does not contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates convert to sugar in a feline’s digestive tract.

Their bodies simply do not process blood sugar like they should and this plant-based nutritional product helps their body metabolize blood sugar more efficiently.

The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is a major nutritional breakthrough for cats, helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and increase energy levels, while giving them a higher quality of life.

The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is one of the most unique products of its kind available anywhere.

The reason the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula works is because it operates at the cellular level and addresses the nutritional deficiencies that cats have when their bodies are not metabolizing blood sugar correctly.

We’re so sure about the quality and effectiveness of the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula and that your cat will experience life changing results, that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on these nutritional supplements for cats. A bottle containing a three month, 90-day supply is only $59.70.

Our goal is to educate you and make you aware of this absolutely miraculous, new and unique daily supplement for cats.

I encourage you to read further, learn, ask lots of questions and certainly use veterinarians for advice.

PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Benefits:

Support and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Cutting-edge nutrition
Easy to use, safe and effective

Glucose Support for Pets


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

“After 10 weeks the net result is that we have a cat who is livelier, healthier and more beautiful than we can ever remember.”

From Sooty

“Your PetRemedy Glucose Support Formula is truly a wonderful remedy. I was amazed at the quick results in your formula.”

“I can’t express my gratitude enough for helping Bootsy in his need.”

From Bootsy

A Different Approach to Customer Service and Satisfaction

When you call a company, you should be able to reach real people, who you can speak with directly, and who will make themselves available to answer your questions.

We at Real Health Products believe in live communication. We like to contact our customers on a regular basis, either by phone or email, and provide them with whatever help they need on an individual-by-individual basis to ensure they get the results from our nutritional supplements we promise.

Cats are individuals in their own rights and deserve help and caring on an individual basis.This is what we are about and why our customers (and their cats!) know we care!

You hold in your hands an opportunity to nutritionally improve the health and quality of life for your cat with our nutritional supplements for cats. Your most important decision is to take action and take control of their health.

Order the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula below and you will see the results in your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks associated with giving my cat the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula?
As with any nutritional product, it is important to follow the instructions that are provided to you when you order the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula.

If you have any questions about interactions with any other drugs, vitamins, or supplements you may be giving your cat, please consult with your veterinarian

How often do I give my cat the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula?
The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is a powder that comes in capsules. Just twist open the capsule and mix the powder thoroughly into the food. Mix one capsule with the morning food and one capsule with the evening food.
What is the best way for me to give RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula to my cat?
Mix it up with any wet food you feed your cat. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

The RevitaHealth® Real Food Nutrients enter the body as food, are recognized by the body as food and are utilized by the body in the same way that it utilizes food. That is the reason why RevitaHealth® nutrients are better absorbed, better utilized and retained by your cat’s body.

How long should I give my cat the RHP™ PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula?
The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is supplying vital nutrients to your cat’s body that he or she is lacking. The commercially grown and produced cat food of today does not supply all the nutrients needed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Farmlands, having lost vital minerals through commercial farming methods, produce products that often look good, but lack essential nutrients in the quantities needed to support healthy blood sugar levels.

It is essential to continue to give your cat the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula, so that he or she continues to get the nutrients they need in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

What am I supposed to feed my cat?
If you have any questions as to what your cat should be eating, please refer to our Cat Food Guidelines page.
How long will it take for the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula to reach me?
Your bottle of RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is shipped out the next business day after you order it. It is sent by First Class Mail and normally takes from three to five business days to arrive within the Continental USA.

Rush shipments can be arranged by calling our corporate offices in Glendale, California at (888) 580-9390 or (818) 241-9080 between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm PST, Monday through Friday

RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula
A Product That Gets Results!


The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is a major nutritional breakthrough for cats, helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and increase energy levels, while giving them a higher quality of life.

RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula contains real food vitamins and minerals that are highly bioavailable. Your cat’s body recognizes and can use them more efficiently.

GTF Chromium from Yeast

One of the major active ingredients in the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is GTF Chromium from yeast.

GTF is an abbreviation for Glucose Tolerance Factor.

The organic chromium found in brewers yeast is the richest food source of chromium and is known as Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF Chromium from organic chromium yeast is the most safe and effective form of chromium.

Chromium GTF has been shown to be more biologically active than inorganic chromium. Inorganic forms of chromium such as chromium picolinate, are poorly absorbed, where only as little as 1% to 3% is absorbed, regardless of how much you take.

Chromium has been found to be an essential nutrient for glucose metabolism (the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life) and maintaining normal blood sugar levels, so it’s a great ingredient in nutritional supplements for cats.

Banaba Leaf Extract (also known as Corosolic Acid) 

Another major active ingredient in the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is banaba leaf extract, a time-tested and traditional herb used in Asia.

Its active ingredient is known as corosolic acid. Corosolic acid activates the “shuttle” that attracts glucose molecules, which are then transported into cells for energy, thus supporting healthy blood glucose levels for your cat and making this an important ingredient in this daily supplement for cats.


Vanadium is a trace mineral found in a wide variety of foods. Vanadium does appear to have some health benefits. The main potential benefit of vanadium is helping to support healthy blood sugar levels, making this mineral great for our nutritional supplements.

White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Phaseolamin or Phaseolin is one protein derived from white kidney bean which has been researched extensively in America, Italy, Japan and Norway.

Phaseolamin, a nutritional ingredient extracted from kidney beans, helps “neutralize” the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose, which then turns into fat. Essentially, it allows carbohydrates to pass through your cat’s digestive system, possibly with less caloric intake, which is a great quality and benefit in these nutritional supplements for cats.



Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and helps support healthy energy metabolism.


Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral, needed in very small quantities by almost all life forms. Although it is just a trace mineral, meaning it is present in very low quantities, it does perform many important functions (it is found in the bones, liver, and kidneys), so it’s vital for your cat’s daily supplement.

Molybdenum plays a role in a number of important bio-chemical processes, like waste processing in the kidneys, development of the nervous system, and the activation of enzymes that are involved in breaking down food to produce energy. This is a very important ingredient for daily supplements as your cat ages.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an antioxidant. Antioxidants, as their name implies, help to prevent the damaging effects of oxygen and other harmful substances on body tissue. It also plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health, which is what you look for when searching for supplements online for your cat.

What are the Benefits?

Real Food vitamins and minerals are part of a unique new generation of vitamins and minerals that operate on a molecular level to integrate with the basic building blocks of life; proteins and other food factors.

Numerous studies have shown that when vitamins and minerals are in a natural form, as they are found in natural foods, they are utilized more effectively by the body. That’s why Real Food vitamins and minerals are better nutritional supplements than elsewhere.

The RHP® PetRemedy difference is not just about quantity, but about quality.

Health is created by nutrition.

RHP™ PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula
100% Safe and Natural

RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is 100% natural and safe and because your cat’s body recognizes it as food, there are no known side effects and it will not adversely interact with medications.

The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula is specifically designed to improve the health and life of your cat.

Order your RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula today and watch your cat benefit from thse nutritional supplements for cats,

The RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula comes with a 90-day money back guarantee on your initial order. This means that you can try our daily supplement for your cat, and if not completely satisfied with your initial order, return it for a refund of the product price.

We recommend any medication currently being taken by your cat is continued and you seek advice from your veterinarian before reducing any such medications.

Success Stories

Here are just a few of the success stories from our customers who are using the RHP® PetRemedy™ Glucose Support Formula

*These testimonials are based on the individual experiences of these customers and their pets. Your pet’s experience may vary.
“Tiger is doing well. He is losing excess pounds at a steady, slow rate (which is great!!). He has much more energy and is very happy and alert.

“In short, this formula is just what the doctor ordered. He is, of course, 18 1/2 years old, so his arthritis was exacerbated by his obesity.

“I massage his limbs twice daily, stretch his legs, and encourage him to walk. We just use your PetRemedy nutrients. Here is a photo of our gorgeous cat!

“Thanks for your continued interest! Cheers!”

From Laurie Roeder in California for Tiger

“Here is a picture of our cat Nicky. He is more active now and maintains his healthy blood sugar levels, since we have been following your dietary recommendations and giving him the PetRemedy Glucose Support Formula.

“Thanks for your help.”

From Robert Pekala in Delaware for Nicky

“Well it happened even sooner than expected. Murray is now officially back to normal as of yesterday evening.

“We spoke to our vet about trials on other animals in our practice and she said she would be very interested as she has only ever known one other cat she was treating to get back to normal.

“We are copying your info to the Vet so that she can pick it up.”

From Jeff & Debi Pacey in Essex, England for Murray


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