Official RHP® Nerve Support Formula Review

 There are RHP® Nerve Support Competitors – Don’t Be Fooled!


Nerve Support FormulaNot all nerve support products are the same.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we now have 6, 7 or more companies who have imitated our Original RHP® Nerve Support Formula and what we say on our website.

Unfortunately, we can’t patent our formula. We wish we could. Vitamins can not be patented. So this makes it possible for other companies to make formulas that are virtually identical to ours.

Or, for other companies make a product that is virtually the same, but has far less actual product in the bottle for you to take.

However, none of them have the customer service that we offer in being here to answer your questions.

We care about you and making sure you get results.

We are the only supplement company I know of that actually takes the time
to call every single one of our customers who buys our products
to find out how they are doing.

Several of these companies sell half the number of capsules, half the amount of active ingredients in a bottle or altered versions of the product with other ingredients that may counteract the effectiveness of the product at what appears to be a cheaper price.

Don’t be fooled!

You will end up paying more for nerve support products with other companies, not to mention, there is a strong possibility that their formula may be less effective, because it is an alteration of the Original RHP® Nerve Support Formula.

Not one of these companies has been around and offering their products as long as we have. We established our presence as a nutritional supplement company helping customers with their health and wellness in 2002.

We were the first to offer the Original RHP® Nerve Support Formula on the internet. We proudly continue to offer the same formula that we were offering in 2004.

Your best chance of getting results is to get the Original RHP® Nerve Support Formula, not some copy-cat product sold by a company who you can’t reach or who is trying to sell you a product that seems to be similar, but isn't.

Many customers do not realize that many of these products look like they are cheaper, but they are in fact more expensive if you figure how much each capsule contains and how many capsules are in the bottle.  

Hundreds and hundreds of customers have complained about these other companies because they couldn’t reach anyone, couldn’t get off of an automatic shipment program that they didn’t want or couldn’t get a refund when they wanted one because they were charged without authorization.

These companies then violate our trademark rights and copyrights by using our content that we create and confuse you, our customer, into thinking that you are dealing with us, when you aren’t.

Nerve Support FormulaIf it doesn’t have the RHP® trademark on the bottle or the website, then it isn’t the Original RHP® Nerve Support Formula.

If you have questions on who these competitors are and how our formula and what we do is different, please feel free to call us or use the form below to send in a question or email us.

We will take the time to answer your questions and get rid of any confusions you may have about the nerve support products that are available on the market.

We’re here to help you.

We look forward to hearing from you!