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Building the Foundation of Good Health

Life Support

Daily MultiVitamin

Using Real Food Nutrients
That Nourish the Body

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Is Your Body Getting the Nutrients
it Needs From the Foods You Eat?

It is well understood that farmland soil has much less of the essential minerals today than it used to and that people no longer get anywhere near sufficient quantities of the needed nutrition from food.

The nutrient quantity in food has been continuously decreasing over the years due to modern farming techniques, processing, transportation, as well as the concern of food producers to make the food look good on the shelf rather than being concerned about the quality of the food.

These factors, combined with poor food choices and imbalanced diets, all contribute to an inadequate intake of vital nutrients.

Getting additional vitamins and minerals (supplements) is essential in the modern world. There are, however, significant differences in the quality and efficiency of different supplements.

What Are Isolated Chemical
Vitamins and Minerals?

The vitamins and minerals found in fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy are not the same as the vitamins and minerals you buy off the shelves of your local health food shop or pharmacy.

So where do these vitamins and minerals in the health food shops or pharmacies come from? They are created in chemical plants or are ground up mineral salts that are mined from the earth by mineral companies.

For example, most of the vitamin C sold in the US is ascorbic acid by itself.

Ascorbic acid can be found in an orange, tomato or broccoli, or any fresh fruit or vegetable.

Ascorbic acid is manufactured in chemical plants by adding chemicals to glucose (sugar), applying heat and pressure, which converts the glucose to ascorbic acid.

Read the labels of your calcium supplement and you will see that most calcium supplements are in the form of calcium carbonate. This is an inorganic form of calcium. It typically comes from ground-up limestone, sea shells, or coral.

For example, would you rather get your iron from a nail or a raspberry? Your body has a harder time getting proper nutrition from inorganic minerals. It is designed to get nutrition from living plants, like the raspberry.

Most vitamins and minerals that you find on store shelves, are man-made isolated chemicals. They are not like the whole food vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits, vegetables and meat!

RHP® Life Support Supplement Facts

The RHP® Life Support Formula is a Daily MultiVitamin that contains a complete balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is designed to provide your body with complete and balanced nutrition using ingredients that build a foundation for good health.

◊ RevitaHealth™ Real Food vitamins and minerals are produced by using a proprietary process. This process creates vitamins and minerals that are in a form that are highly bioavailable. The body recognizes and can use them.

Why Are the Nutrients in the RHP® Life Support Formula
So Different From Any Others?

The vitamins found in food are combined together on a molecular level with lipids (fats), carbohydrates, proteins, bioflavonoids and other food factors.

RHP® Life Support Formula contains RevitaHealth™ Real Food vitamins and minerals which are in a form that are highly bioavailable, which are whole foods - not isolated chemicals or mineral salts. See What is RevitaHealth™?

RevitaHealth™ Real Food vitamins and minerals are much better absorbed, utilized and retained by the body because they are a whole food as compared to isolated chemical vitamins or minerals. Your body recognizes and can use them.

We're so sure about the quality and effectiveness of the RHP® Life Support Formula that we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee on the initial order. A 30-day supply is just $38.70.

Use the RHP® Life Support Formula for three months and you'll notice the difference!

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Product Information Order Now What is RevitaHealth™?

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