Exercise of the Month – Knee Extensions


Knee extension exercise will help strengthen your knees, which will improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. Strengthening your knees will also allow you to walk and climb stairs with greater ease and comfort.

Sit on a chair with your back straight and knees bent

Slowly extend your right leg out in front of you and hold for a few moments before lowering it back to starting position

Repeat with your left leg

Do 10 repetitions on each leg

For a more advanced version, strap an ankle weight around each ankle. Aim for a weight that is heavy enough to where you cannot do more than 15 repetitions per leg. As you get stronger, you can add more weight to keep it challenging.

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  1. I’m always looking for ways to do exercising where it is going to strengthen parts that hurt in nature due to the amount of walking and stair climbing that I do. As my years
    increase in age I can do things that help in the older stage of my life.
    this is a simple and easy way to add strength to the legs that support the body weight.
    Using resistant straps and weights really work good at building the muscle.

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